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Memphis Fire Barbeque Company's Catering Department is available Wednesday through Sunday for Co-Operative Catering (When you pick-up your order) and Thursday through Saturday for Off-Site Catered Events.

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Co-Operative Catering - This is where we prepare all the food for your event, and you handle the delivery and service of the food. This is a great way to cater a smaller event, saving you money on staffing, rentals and service charges.

Co-Operative Delivery - The same as the above, however, we will deliver the food to the venue. Some restrictions apply, but we can talk about that later.

Full Off-Site Catering - When you want the whole big show to arrive with "When Pigs Fly" our mobile kitchen (FOOD TRUCK), staffing and all the equipment to take care of everything.  It's really impressive by the way. Minimums do apply, along with certain conditions.

So {{answer_25765308}} what Style of Service suits your event best? *


Now, not that catering an event is like buying a house, but budgets do matter.  We don't want to be suggesting menus that aren't appropriate for your event. 

On the chart below, please indicate what your initial budget is for this event. *

Almost done, just a few things to make sure we're on the same page. Just remember, we ask these questions because we care, and don't want to disappoint you.


Do you require Cutlery Packs?
This would be a 5 piece cutlery package with napkin, fork, knife, moist towelette and seasonings. *


Do you require Thermal Containers to transport your food?

Our CAMBRO® Camtainers will maintain hot food for a four-hour period and only lose 4°F. There is a cost to rent these units, but if you live over 20 minutes away or need to pick-up early, it's a great option. *


Do you require disposable plates?


Do you require disposable cutlery?



If the answer was no, would you prefer to rent cutlery?


Well, {{answer_25765308}} thank-you for taking the time to assist us in serving you better. Please note that our catering office is open from Wednesday through Sunday via email or phone from late morning to late evening. To speak in person with Chef Steve, our catering director, please make an appointment first.

All of our catering chefs, including Chef Steve, also work on the "line" at the restaurant, please understand that when the rest of the world is not at work, we are, making tasty food for our amazing customers.

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